Environmental Site Assessments

Walt Gibson Engineering provides environmental site assessment services for a wide range of fields:

  • Phase 1 and 2 environmental assessments
  • Documentation of underground storage tank removal
  • Delineation of subsurface contamination
  • Evaluation of contaminant fate
  • Evaluation of site restoration methodologies
  • Site remediation and clean-up
  • Filing of Record of Site Condition (RSC) on the Ministry’s of Brownfields Site Registry


Walt Gibson Engineering provides hydrogeologic services related to:

  • Well development and testing
  • Aquifer delineation
  • Ground water quantity and quality
  • Well drawdown interference and spatial effects
  • Safe long-term aquifer yield
  • Local sustainability of ground water development

Geotechnical Engineering

Walt Gibson Engineering provides geotechnical engineering services related to:

  • Site evaluation studies
  • Comprehensive subsurface investigations
  • Subsurface sampling and testing
  • In-situ instrumentation and monitoring
  • Performance monitoring surveys
  • Construction testing and quality assurance
  • Slope stability assessment and monitoring